Thursday, 23 July 2015

NEXT Christmas 2015 Collection

I was lucky enough to have a glance at NEXT's Christmas 2015 Collection and i have to say it was lovely. It may seem a little early to be glancing at baubles and christmas trees, but in reality, these companies need to plan all this stuff ahead of time.

I think one of my favourite sections of the day was the Catwalk, full of amazingly styled clothes and i guess great christmas gift inspo. Though, its safe to say that the home section is my favourite section for christmas, I'm definitely a home bunny however il let the pictures do the talking...

Tuesday, 14 July 2015



Strobing has been labeled the 'new thing' recently, the one thing people claim can replace contouring and structural bronzing. Personally I believe strobing has always been here, especially on my channel. It depends how you look at it. I personally use it almost everyday, it's basically highlighting the high points of your face on a more extreme level or so it seems, to accentuate those areas and essentially bring them forward creating definition.

So I thought I would do a youtube video on this, so you guys can see how you create this look, what you use and what the results are. Have a look and see what you think...

I personally really love this type of makeup, its basically a 'dewy' look but without the shading. Of course this is achievable for everyone, even if you have oily skin and like to wear a matte foundation. 
To achieve this look, you just need a really great non-glittery highlighter. 

I have done lots of close ups so you can see how it all sits on the skin. For this I used Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector - Opal. I would like to add a bit of a bronze glow to my skin as thats just what I prefer, however on a day to day, or a quick out the door look, or even in winter, this is perfect! Bonus, it's great for school! 

I think this type of look is very personal, and some may love it and others may hate it. But for me personally, I LOVE it! 

Hope this helps, Check out my YouTube Channel and I will see you with my next post! 



It may seem like I go out everyday, but I really don't, this is just random rare occasions for me. However, nonetheless, the food at Boto Fogo Huddersfield was amazing as always. Its one of those types of restaurants where they bring you endless amounts of means/steaks until you flip your card red and have a break or finish! 

I love Brazilian food! I love how different it is to other food I like to eat on a daily basis. Its probably not the healthiest, or at least not when eating it in such fast quantities but it's yummy.

I suppose sometimes there is nothing better than spending some time with close friends and food!

Monday, 13 July 2015

The Simple Day

The Simple Day

Today was a day where i didn't fancy doing anything super over the top or somewhat fancy, so i opted for a simple day with classic makeup. Pairing a classic winged liner with my new favourite lip colour... cranberry. Cherry Pop lips from Clinique with Creative lip liner from Illamasqua. This combination gives you the definition i want and this time, the shine.

My local garden centre is small but one of my favourite places, in fact; all garden centres are one of my favourite types of places to go, i just love the food, the different things inside you can browse, like the home section or my favourite, the christmas section! This time however, it was for a meal only. 

Me and Jess decided to grab something to eat and just chill, I opted for a Mexican Chilli Bean on Taco and with a delicious Strawberry Scone for...well... before ;)

My favourite drink to drink at the minute is Iced Water with Lemon! Don't ask my why, I just love it, it's so refreshing and makes me feel a little more detoxed after.

P.S This got demolished! 

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Freshening Up For Summer

Freshening Up For Summer

Sometimes throughout the year I go through a phase where I feel like my surroundings are cluttered or unclean, even its neither is the case. For me I think it's a case of needing a visible change in my surroundings, it could be that I can't wait for the following season or I'm stumped for inspiration of some kind. When that happens, I know I need to switch some things up. 

It could be the types of videos to watch. If I feel my living space needs something extra I will watch YouTube videos or read blogs and books that motivate me and inspire me to change things around and give me a new vision of how I want things to look.

It could be the simple things, like switching up my wardrobe, and trying new clothes/styles. 

It could even be the subtle things, like adding new flowers, or adding a bit of colour to my place. I love simplicity in my space, a lot of light grey and whites makes me feel fresh and awake and like my mind is clear. However, sometimes I feel like it could use a pop of green or a touch of colour to spark a bit of life. So this week, thats what I did.