Monday, 13 July 2015

The Simple Day

The Simple Day

Today was a day where i didn't fancy doing anything super over the top or somewhat fancy, so i opted for a simple day with classic makeup. Pairing a classic winged liner with my new favourite lip colour... cranberry. Cherry Pop lips from Clinique with Creative lip liner from Illamasqua. This combination gives you the definition i want and this time, the shine.

My local garden centre is small but one of my favourite places, in fact; all garden centres are one of my favourite types of places to go, i just love the food, the different things inside you can browse, like the home section or my favourite, the christmas section! This time however, it was for a meal only. 

Me and Jess decided to grab something to eat and just chill, I opted for a Mexican Chilli Bean on Taco and with a delicious Strawberry Scone for...well... before ;)

My favourite drink to drink at the minute is Iced Water with Lemon! Don't ask my why, I just love it, it's so refreshing and makes me feel a little more detoxed after.

P.S This got demolished! 


  1. I'm so glad you've started a blog again! I loved reading your posts, they we're always so interesting! I think I started mine about three times, but now I'm happy with it! xo

    megan //