Saturday, 11 July 2015

Freshening Up For Summer

Freshening Up For Summer

Sometimes throughout the year I go through a phase where I feel like my surroundings are cluttered or unclean, even its neither is the case. For me I think it's a case of needing a visible change in my surroundings, it could be that I can't wait for the following season or I'm stumped for inspiration of some kind. When that happens, I know I need to switch some things up. 

It could be the types of videos to watch. If I feel my living space needs something extra I will watch YouTube videos or read blogs and books that motivate me and inspire me to change things around and give me a new vision of how I want things to look.

It could be the simple things, like switching up my wardrobe, and trying new clothes/styles. 

It could even be the subtle things, like adding new flowers, or adding a bit of colour to my place. I love simplicity in my space, a lot of light grey and whites makes me feel fresh and awake and like my mind is clear. However, sometimes I feel like it could use a pop of green or a touch of colour to spark a bit of life. So this week, thats what I did.


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